About Us

Industrialists Busineswomen and Businessmen Confederation (SANKON) is an International and
Economic Civi Society Organization. It includes investors, industrialists, businesswomen and
businessmen from all views. General President is fully authorized by the Board of Directors of the
Organization; After the Board of Directors, the effective and authorized unit is the General

Industrialists Businesswomen and Businessmen Confederation SANKON Board of Directors;

Industrialists Business Women and Businessmen Confederation SANKON Board of Directors is
determined once in (3) years by the election held in Ankara.

Industrialists Businesswomen and Businessmen Confederation SANKON Management Style;

Industrialists Businesswomen and Businessmen Confederation SANKON consists of; President, Vice
Presidents, Senior Consultants and Consultants who are experts in their fields. Headquarters
Management of the organization consists of the General President, the members of the Board of
Directors, High Council of Advisory, the Sector Commissions and the Foreign Relations Board. The
Organization in Turkey has a total of 193 offices in sovereign and independent state, in the Turkish
Republics, the League of Arab States, the African States, the Balkan States, Latin American countries
and the European States, and there are active Businesswoman, Businessman, Investor and
Industrialist members who have investments.


Industrialists Businesswomen and Businessmen Confederation, SANKON Purpose;

– To make women and men visible, effective and competent in all areas of society.

– To contribute to the development of business and profession-related issues.

– To maintain the balance of equality between women and men in the business world, to balance the
competitions of Businesswomen and Businessmen under equal conditions in the national and
international community, to pave the way for Businesswomen and Businessmen to make
investments in the international community.

– Industrialists Businesswomen and Businessmen Confederation; It is a Non-Governmental
Organization representing the Business World in the International Platform.

– One of SANKON’s most important goals; Boost the exports and imports between nations from other
States and the Republic of Turkey in the international arena, and establish trade relations among
States and Nations to strengthen existing relationships.

SANKON, In order to strengthen our relations between Turkey and our region and other States in
the world at the national and international arena, it organizes Trade and Economic Summits.

SANKON, In Turkey and other countries in the World, It pioneers the initiation of all kinds of
humanitarian aid campaigns to needy Nations and States, regardless of religion, language, race or

SANKON, In Turkey, for the benefit of the public, and the benefit of humanity, It conducts social
responsibility projects for our women, youth and disabled citizens. Our Confederation makes
organizations to contribute to peace in Turkey and in the world.